Wordy Paintings

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to have a stall at the upcoming Fellowship of Congregational Women’s Seminar in October. I was quite excited to say yes as I have very few artistic goals this year and I really needed something to aim at. Not only that, but half of the money from sales will go towards mission work in the Philippines.

In thinking about what I wanted to paint I realised that if I stick to my usual oil painting on thick edge canvases its likely that I would have to charge a lot more for each work. I also realised that i need to paint what people would actually like to buy within the realm of my own style and preferences. This has allowed me to experiment with the following works. These are just the preliminary works, there will be many to come and I don’t think all of them will have wording. Its been great to have a challenge and use a medium that I haven’t used often for a while (acrylic). This is what I’ve done so far in rough photos:


Most of these will need finishing whether it be touching up the words (eg; at the moment the small one says ‘rust and obey!!’), varnishing or maybe even framing if I can afford it. I love how these are turning out and I especially love the birds. I’m using mostly lines from hymns and Biblical quotes for the wording. I’ll see if I can remember to update this as I go along.

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