Who Am I?

My name is Amanda and I love adventure! One of the most interesting things for me to do is to head outside with my camera or iphone and take photos of amazing things in God’s creation. I love to collect all sorts of things that I find on these adventures such as seedpods, feathers, rocks and sea glass and just about anything else I find interesting.

I’ve been a Christian since I chose to follow Jesus as a kid but like anyone there have been struggles. I am a firm believer that God knows best and sees the big picture. I don’t believe in shoving Christianity at people. I am happy to share what I believe.

I’m an artist. I paint all the time, I draw all the time, I collect resource material all the time. I have a home studio and teach two community classes through our church. One of my goals this year is to set up a larger studio space and take on private students for additional income. I also try hard to sell my work via the internet.

I am married to Michael who is a Pastor at a church here in Sydney and I am a Mum. This year I am continuing to follow God’s lead in focusing in on my passion to paint. I have art training but very little experience with what to do next. As an introvert I find it hard to approach people in person so I am continuing to use the internet as a place for networking and contacting other artists and also to find new art prizes to enter.

Once a year I organise a birthday party for one of my daughters. They alternate years so I can go all out. They choose the theme and I create the mayhem. So far I have done the themes of: dance, art, music, science, Mickey Mouse, ancient Egypt, Robots. This is one of my most favourite things each year and I love doing everything from the invitations to the cake!

We are chicken owners, Thai food lovers, Volkswagen Combi and Beetle fans, travelers, try hard gardeners and are doing our best to be good parents. We have a crazy Labrador/Kelpie named Lewis and a sneaky cat called George.

I drink a lot of tea. Plain, white tea with no sugar. Nothing fancy.

I love the 1950s but more for its design strengths and values than anything else. I love history, especially war history and I also love twitter(ing). (Amanda_at_home)

I play netball for our church team in season. I can’t say that this is my favourite thing but I like to do it to get to know others on the team and set an example for my girls.

I’m sure that’s quite enough about me. You can find me on the web on twitter (Amanda_At_Home), facebook (here), RedBubble (here) and Instagram (painterpw). My art website is: http://art.oddsocks.net/

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3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Amanda!
    Thank you for your kind comments about my interview on In Tandem. I’ve left my email address so you can get in touch – it would be lovely to have a coffee!
    love Michelle

  2. Dear Amanda,
    I’m just dropping you a line because you’re on of the many Australian Christian bloggers I have listed on a blogroll on my website. I wanted to let you know I’ve also started a Facebook page called Australian Christian Bloggers for all of us to connect with one another, and also as a place we can share our writing. I’ve found that social networking is one of the most powerful ways to promote a blog, and it’s one of the major sources of readers to my website. Please visit Australian Christian Bloggers at
    (the page, not the group, that’s been started by someone else!) and *like the page. You’ll be able to link to your articles online and also network with other Australian Christian bloggers.
    Please email me with any enquiries about this at jo.hilder@bigpond.com or visit my website at http://www.johilder.com to view the Australian Christian Bloggers page I’ve created, and where you appear.
    See you around the web!
    JO 🙂

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