The Taking Stock List

Seeing as I have started doing Pip’s 52 Lists (which I need to do a couple more of this week), I thought I would take her up on the offer of copying and using her list for taking stock. Its a great idea. Ta for all the inspiration Pip!
Here goes:

Making :granny squares in bright colours of my choice. Limiting my colours but enjoying the process.
Cooking :not a lot. Just the usual dinner for the family. Its not really my thing.
Drinking :Mainly tea, liptons of course.
Reading:Verses from 1 and 2 Peter mostly.
Wanting:a lot more patience.
Looking:at a lot of art related blogs, links etc…
Playing:too much candy crush.
Deciding:whether my current painting is finished or not.
Wishing:I didn’t have to go to sleep at night, waste of time!
Enjoying:seeing maturity in my girls.
Waiting:to get five poultry paintings framed.
Liking:twitter a lot. I love how I can connect with all sorts of people, famous and not famous.
Wondering:about a few things to do with my youngest daughter.
Loving:the fact that my eldest daughter can now hang out the washing, even if it is for $1.
Pondering:the meaning of 2 Peter 1:5-9
Considering:how to throw myself into ministry more.
Buying:art supplies, stationery supplies or a combo of those two things.
Watching:Mad Men season 4 while painting.
Hoping:that all the work I’ve entered into the Easter Show is accepted.
Marvelling:at creation, really.
Cringing:every time my girls fall over.
Needing:to remember to do a food meal plan thing.
Questioning:loyalty and how long you need to keep it.
Smelling:oil paint.
Wearing:my paint jeans most days with lovely paint splatter all over them.
Following:Gods lead in regards to my artwork.
Noticing:that this Sydney humidity is hanging around a bit much.
Knowing:with total confidence that God sees the bigger picture.
Thinking:that I’m amazed that this week I’ve won two online competitions!! Its been ages since I’d won anything.
Admiring:my favourite artists here in Sydney, Evert Ploeg, Mellissa Read-Devine, Olivia Alexander (and her always happy attitude).
Sorting:the pile of papers that always seems to grow on my bench (without watering).
Buying:prints of my artwork to sell on Etsy soon. (yes!)
Getting:tired of all the violence everywhere.
Bookmarking:lots of art lesson sites, so much awesomeness out there.
Coveting:success, but this is not a good thing.
Disliking:my tendency towards stress increasing so fast.
Opening:up to the idea of kids art classes being successful next term.
Giggling:at stupid memes on facebook.
Feeling:much happier within myself since I made a big decision.
Snacking:on peanut butter on toast too often. Salsa too.
Comforting:my girls through all sorts of girlish upsets
Wishing:the crows feet weren’t appearing on the sides of my face already.
Helping:locals learn how to draw in my little art class.
Hearing:traffic on the busy road outside.

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