The Mystery Item

A few years ago I went to an Etsy meetup back in Perth. They had items laid out on the floor for people to help themselves to, mostly old sewing and crafting materials. I saw this object and thought it was interesting so picked it up and kept it. The other day I rediscovered it again among my sewing supplies and brought it out to show my family. Right away Mum said ‘its a sock darner’ to which Dad shook his head and insisted it was a gavel for auctioneers to use. The way to solve things like this is either to do some internet research or put it on social media to ask others whether they know what it is.

I did both these things and was amazed at the conversation it sparked on facebook. People were quite fascinated with it, some suggested Dad was right and many suggested that sock darners are mushroom shaped. The suggestion of a coffee tamper was given or even that it may have had a stamp attached to it. By the end of the conversation alongside some internet searching I ‘think’ we concluded that its a sort of darner but for what part of socks or other clothing we aren’t sure.

I love how a simple uploading of an image can spark a whole lot of conversation and brainstorming while none of the participants left their homes. I must admit, I do like social media and this aspect of it.

Do you know what this item may be? (more photos below)

2 thoughts on “The Mystery Item

  1. I’m with your mum – it looks like a sock darner, although it’s a little less ‘mushroom’ top shaped than the ones I have. Does anyone actually darn socks now? My grandma taught me how when I was about 8 years of age. I was never any good. They always ended up lumpy and uncomfortable to wear…

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