Bike, River and Clouds

I have been continuing on with exploring oil painting and currently have three paintings on the go. They are all quite different to each other which is a good challenge for me. The painting above is based on a photo I took when in the south west of Western Australia a couple of years ago. I have been wanting to do some cloud based painting for a while.

The second painting, a boy swimming in a river.

The third painting I’ve been working on is this one:

I took a photo of this little tricycle when we were visiting good friends out in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. I am enjoying the colours and nostalgia in this one! I have also printed out this one in black and white and have adjusted the tones a little after doing so:

I am loving oil painting again! I have been going through all of my photos from the last few years (that’s quite a feat) and putting a variety into a folder for painting resource photos. Its nice to be able to go into that folder and find images to use that are my own from all sorts of categories.

I have still been watching episodes of A Country Practice while painting, I’m up to episode 21 now so from that I know that I’ve spent around 20 or so hours painting but I’m pretty sure its a bit more than that, actually I watched a few other shows before that so I know it is! I have found the time to paint by making one big change, not watching TV. Its not that I don’t watch any TV, I still watch my favourites (Survivor, Amazing Race, Downton Abbey and when it comes back, Sherlock) but I only watch those and then turn off the teli.

The one thing that I’m struggling with is that when I get to the point where I want to enter these into exhibitions and comps, I have to have them up for sale. I could just price them at a very high price so no one buys them but I don’t think that’s being very honest. Really, I’m just not ready to sell any originals. I am looking at ways to properly have them scanned or photographed so I can sell the images in my shop as prints and cards for now. I’m happy with that right now.

So anyway, that’s where I am with painting. I have a deep desire to mesh my painting skills and missions somehow and have been asking the Lord to show me how or open that door. Until then, I’m just painting every day!

*Please do not use these images for your own purposes, permission must be sought for any use. Ta.

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