Road Trip 2016/17- Part 5 Day 34-35

Driving away from Tamworth the scenery was beautiful. Rolling hills and greenery which is typical of northern New South Wales. I think that part of NSW might be my favourite. We decided to make one more stop overnight on our way home despite the fact that we could have driven straight home from there. We drove through the Hunter Valley area and were blown away by the view:

The breathtaking view was something I’d love to take visitors to. After this we continued until we arrived at a caravan park in Gloucester. Gloucester is a beautiful dairy farming area and one we used to visit many years ago so it was a great spot to spend our last night of our road trip. We set up camp and Michael and the girls went for a walk while I sorted out dinner. We were right next to a dairy farm and there were quite a few cows in the field behind our camper van. Michael finally got to use our little fire pit which we had taken with us so the girls had fun toasting whatever they could find in there. It was a gorgeous place!

Our last night there was relaxing and the next morning the girls really wanted a swim but by the time we packed up we had very little time before checkout. We managed to let them have a swim in the creek for about 15 minutes in the end.

There was a group of kids swinging off the tire and other ropes with a few parents standing around. I will never forget this one Mum who stood there. A boy climbed up high onto the rocks and was about to dive into the shallow creek and all of a sudden one of the ladies standing there yells out ‘oh no you don’t! You may not be my child but you are not going to do something that will effect you for the rest of you life on my watch!’. He gave her cheek but he backed down. Thank you anonymous Mum at the Gloucester Caravan park, you probably saved that child’s life and his own mother probably doesn’t even know about it.
We had one more stop on the way home in the town of Stroud. We found a sweet little antique shop that also sold local handmade goods. The girls got a few hand knitted doll’s clothes which were really sweet and I found myself a pretty little tea strainer.

From there it wasn’t far back to Sydney which meant our road trip was over.

This trip was quite different from last year’s trip to Perth and back. We have plenty of great memories and I took hundreds of photos (many of which will be reference photos for painting). We will hopefully have many more exciting adventures in our camper van (maybe Tassie next time). The final photo to share here is exactly how excited our dog Lewis was to see his master when we drove up. Ta for following along our 35 day adventure!

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