Road Trip 2016/17- Part 4 Days 20-25 – Cairns

On day 20 of our trip my parents took the four grandchildren to a local resort for two nights as a special treat. We set them up in our camper van and tent and left them to it. I must say, they were brave taking on the four kids on their own when they were in such an exciting environment with so much to do. The kids spent the whole time swimming and doing every activity there was at the resort while my parents ran around trying to keep up with them!

While they were there hubby and I spent some time at a couple of our favourite places. First we drove up to the Copperlode Dam which sits behind Cairns in the mountains. Its a steep windy drive but the view is amazing. Cairns from one of the lookouts can be seen in the top photo above. Once were were up there the view was amazing as the dam was quite full. I saw these tiny frogs jumping along the pathway, they were about 1cm big.

After that we drove back down and went to the Cairns Botanical Gardens, my favourite place in far north Queensland. Every time I go I discover new plants and flowers I have never seen before. This time was no different (and I’ve been a lot).

As you can see from the overload of photos, I love it! The caterpillar above is on its way to becoming a birdwing butterfly.

The kids and my parents arrived back at the house on Tuesday so we had a bit of a break once they were home (although the kids went straight back into my parents pool). Wednesday however we decided to all go for a drive to Babinda. Babinda is about an hour’s drive south of Cairns and is a lovely little town. It boasts the best op shop in far north Queensland so we had to check it out on our way to the Babinda Rocks for the day. The op shop wasn’t too bad, lots of well priced and organised clothing and we got a few things. After a visit to the Babinda bakery we all drove over the Babinda rocks where there’s a fresh water swimming hole and a walking track up to some rapids.

Of course being a rainforest environment there were a lot of patches of fungi on the trees along the way so I took my time photographing them all. I am a bit of a sucker for fungi! It was a lovely day, the kids really enjoyed swimming there and the walk up to the rapids was really pretty. We had to be careful as the path was slippery and it was raining quite a bit while we were there. The last time we went to Babinda rocks was about 7 years ago and it was a stinking hot day. We didn’t enjoy it much so I was glad we got to revisit it.

On the way back we stopped on the side of the road at a stall selling mangoes and bananas with a money tin (honesty box). Picked up some cheap fruit which was straight from the farmer.

I was going to try and squeeze the entire second week of our time in Cairns into this one post but seeing as its already photo heavy and I haven’t even mentioned our trip up to Daintree yet, I figured that this was enough for one post. So, there is one more post to come about Cairns and after that, the trip back.

Thanks for taking a look and read of our road trip so far!

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