Road Trip 2016/17- Part 4 Days 12-19 – Cairns

In looking at all that we did in the 15 (not 10 as previously mentioned) days we spent in Cairns I decided I needed to split this into two posts. We managed to cram an awful lot into our time there as well as spending a lot of down time with the family. The most popular thing to do for the kids was swimming in Nana and Grandad’s pool of course but we also went out and revisited some of our favourite places around Cairns. I already blogged a bit about the first week here so I’ll expand on what I’ve already said.

On the way up in that last stretch of our trip north the van got a bit wet inside as there was a leak on the roof as well as where the top meets the base. On arrival we had to empty out the van completely so my Dad and hubby could work on the problems.

My poor parents, their house was all tidy and ready for us and we filled their entire back verandah as well as a small space inside the house with our stuff! usually we wouldn’t empty the van out at all so they understood. All sorts of things needed drying out.
In the coming days we spent time with the kids in the pool, down the park, at Muddy’s playground, at the Cattana wetlands and a few other adventures. Board games were played, van fixing went ahead and shopping was done. We also celebrated a late Christmas with my parents.

A bit of Christmas

One of Miss L’s favourite things to try

Taken from the Pier in Cairns city

Cricket down the park in the rain with a little dog my parents were looking after named Bailey

Time at the Cattana Wetlands which was very hot but very beautiful

Yorkeys Knob

Muddy’s playground.

We enjoyed remaking a whole lot of photos of the kids like the one above where they stood (or jumped) in the same position as they had 7 years previously.
You can see why I love Cairns, this is the view from Muddy’s playground which is along the Esplanade in Cairns city:

These adventures took us until the middle of our time there. I always love visiting Cairns and seeing my family (and visiting their church). Part two of our time in Cairns will be coming up very soon!

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