Road Trip 2016/17- Part 5 Day 29

Our destination for the first night on the way back down to Sydney was the small town of Lucinda. There are personal reasons for this choice and those who know us will get why. The scenery on the way there was absolutely breathtaking. After passing through the towns of Tully and Cardwell we headed along the coast and were amazed as we realised we were looking at Hinchinbrook Island and not a part of the mainland. The island is so enormous with mountainous terrain that those driving past with no Australian geographical knowledge could easily be forgiven for thinking its an extension of the area. One day we hope to explore the island and camp there. Here’s the view from the lookout along the way of the island.

This is what we saw as we drove along.

We made a rest stop between Cairns and Lucinda and enjoyed a free (gold coin donation) cup of tea for us and frozen orange juice for the girls. We had to laugh because the couple who were running this place had the same names as my Grandparents. They are volunteers and come down there every day to open the refreshment area. We appreciated a bit of a chat with them before heading off again. We also picked up a pineapple for a few dollars.

The scenery continued to be stunning as we hurtled along the highway towards Lucinda. Take a look at how breathtaking the view was.

We arrived at the Lucinda caravan park in good time and set up for the night. Lucinda is an amazing little town. It boasts a sugar cane ship loading jetty that is close to 6 kilometers long. The town itself is tiny with nothing more than a few small shops and a pub but we enjoyed our visit there.

You can see Hinchinbrook Island in the background. That island is 52 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide so its no wonder you can see it for a long time as you drive.
I really loved this part of far north Queensland. Its not a part we have seen before and we can’t wait to go back and explore again. I highly recommend going off the beaten track a bit when going on long trips!

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