Road Trip 2016/17- Part 3 Days 9-10 – Brisbane- St Lawrence

We set off towards Cairns on the morning of January 4th with two extras in tow, my nephews. It was a great opportunity to spend some time with them as we don’t see them very often. Cairns is over 1600 kms from Brisbane and we had initially planned to do it over four days. Our first stop along the way was Gympie for lunch where the kids played on a playground while I made lunch. From there we went towards our first stop, the town of 1770.

It wasn’t until last year when my brother drove from Cairns to Brisbane that I even knew 1770 existed. I’d not heard of a town named after a year before so we had to visit. As you can see from the writing above, its named after Captain Cook’s first landing along the Queensland coast. Its a very pretty spot with a nice lookout over the ocean.

We stayed the night at a ranger run camping ground which had no showers but it did have toilets so we were grateful for that. The boys seemed to enjoy camping and helped their Uncle with the tent where they could and we enjoyed having them along. The next morning we packed up again and off we went towards stop number two, St Lawrence.

We went through Rockhampton on the way and everything from there to Cairns was new ground for me (and for Michael). This was as far up the coast I had ever been by car. The trip was uneventful, the kids all got along quite well and either talked, played car games or watched DVDs. The scenery was amazing and the higher we got the more ‘far north Queensland’ it felt with cane fields starting to appear along the road.

Once we were set up some of the kids got out the paints and started creating which was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Later after dinner we had time for a few rounds of UNO too. Often we don’t have time for these things when we are stopping overnight so this was a really nice stop.
St Lawrence is a very small town. I think we spotted a shared post office and real estate and a tiny police station which was closed that day. The area is very pretty and there were some sort of geese around where we stayed the night.

After a quick look around we had planned on leaving a different way but we came across a flooded road and changed our mind.

The area is one that I will take a few painting inspirations from I think. Day three of our trip up the coast next.

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