Road Trip 2016/17- Part 2 Days 5-8 – Brisbane

New years day we woke up in Brisbane in my brother’s house and got ready to go to his church. He attends a church that meets in a primary school and thankfully it was air conditioned because it was pretty hot. The church service was pretty good and the kids had a good time too. We decided that after lunch and a game of phase 10 we would set off to Bribie Island which turned out to be a really nice way to spend the afternoon and evening.

The island was bigger than I thought it would be and we found a nice fish and chips shop not far from the beach. There was also a really lovely playground next to the beach so the kids started off there but it wasn’t long before they were all digging and making sandcastles near the water.

We had a really nice time at Bribie and ended the day with a McDonalds ice cream each.
The second day in Brisbane we planned ahead to go for a long drive to the Big Pineapple, a place I had visited about 20 years ago. We had heard that it was run down and nothing like it used to be but according to the website it had new owners and they were trying to revitalise it.
On the way there we took a bit of a detour and went up to a lookout to see the Glasshouse Mountains which were quite breathtaking:

It took about an hour and a bit to get there and along the way we went past Australia Zoo and a few other attractions. Its easy to see why its no longer as popular with these other places not far away. Still, there were plenty of people stopping to take photos. Here are some of mine:

One sad thing was seeing how run down the macadamia factory was after it shut a number of years ago. I visited the big macadamia nut and the factory 20 years ago. Here are the two photos for comparison

Just for fun, we also managed to spot the big lawnmower!

The next day we ventured into the city as I had a meetup with a friend before we all went to the 20/20 cricket game at the Gabba. The Sydney Sixers were playing Brisbane so the crowd was massive and all there for the locals of course. We were one of the few wearing pink for the Sixers!

With the end of the cricket match we were standing at the exit gates ready to go when the Sixer’s hit the winning ball. We rushed out the grounds and got on one of the first buses. Of course it was only after that we found out that we’d missed a connection due to a late bus and it ended up taking us an hour or two to get home (on four buses). We were all glad to go to sleep that night!
The next morning we packed everything up and loaded the van and car. My nephews came with us for this next part of the trip so we made sure everyone had room in the car for their things.
Our aim this time was Cairns and we had about four days to get there from Brisbane. I’ll write about this next part of our trip in the next couple of posts.

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