Road Trip 2016/17- Part 1 Days 2-4 – Grafton to Brisbane

After spending the night at the showgrounds in Grafton we packed up and headed north once again. Our trip was shorter that day, only aroud 150kms to Lennox Head. First stop was Yamba for lunch. What a gorgeous place Yamba is, obviously a huge holiday place as it was packed with tourists, fishing boats and caravans. As we walked along the fence line of the caravan park in the town we noticed something we’d never seen before. Almost every caravan with a tarpaulin covering their outdoor space had a full size, stand up refrigerator underneath. As odd as that is, we guessed this is because fishing a huge attraction of the area and people probably spend weeks there over the summer filling their fridge and freezers with fish.

It was quite warm but bearable and we decided to have the famous Yamba fish and chips from Wato’s. I’m not really a fish and chips connoisseur but they tasted fine to me. Once we had our order we walked down to the area that you can see in the photos above and ate them outside. What an amazing view!

After lunch we headed off again with the aim of getting to Lennox Head with plenty of time however we struck roadworks all the way and at times it took us half an hour to go 10kms. People were very impatient on those roads and there was plenty of dangerous driving. We spent the night at a caravan park in Lennox Head. It was packed to the brim being that week between Christmas and New Years and these are my least favourite places to stay. I hate having to remember a code to use the bathroom and then line up for the showers or toilets not to mention being packed into the caravan park like sardines.

Another short drive the next morning made things easier. We only had to go around 200kms and we were heading to our friend Terri’s house in Brisbane for lunch. It was pretty hot in Brisbane when we arrived. One funny thing that happened was as we were driving across the border into Queensland the girls were watching Back To The Future on the DVD player and right as the clock went back an hour the music ‘gonna go back in time’ was playing. So funny.

We headed north to our friend’s house. We hadn’t seen Terri or her daughter Heather for about six or seven years so it was nice to see her house and give them a hug. An added bonus was that another friend, Dorothy is also friends with Terri and she was there at lunch too. We hadn’t seen Dorothy since we were in the UK about 15 years ago. What an amazing reunion! The girls had a swim in Terri’s small pool and we chatted. Terri is a fantastic host and our lunch was amazing!

Dorothy gifted us with a bag of car snacks, so nice of her and we said our goodbyes. It was time to head off to my brother’s house in Brisbane. We arrived there around 4pm and it was great to see my nephews and sister in law and brother who were waiting for us at the top of the driveway. We hadn’t seen them all in a while too so it was another reunion.

Even though it was new year’s eve we were way too worn out to be staying up to celebrate. We all went to bed a couple of hours before midnight. The adventure continues in the next post, our four days in Brisbane! Ta for following along.

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