Reverse Garbage Again

For my birthday last year my good friend Sarah sent me a voucher for Reverse Garbage (she knows me well!). Yesterday Michael and I went out there to see what I could find. There were all sorts of things to dig through. I was hoping to find some masonite board or 1970s office stationery but this time they didn’t have much of that sort of thing. No matter at all, I still had a ball digging through and finding a few things. Above is what I came away with:

1. Six cones from industrial overlockers.
2. A packet of Transparency film (lots of use for that!).
3. A sweet little old book about Snugglepot and Cuddlepie with illustrations.
4. A little pack of small bull dog clips.
5. A graph paper pad.
6. Four plastic thingies with sticky backing.
7. A large bottle of student quality yellow acrylic.

Thank you Sarah for sending the voucher, it was great having a good reason to go back!

Here’s some shots I took there yesterday:

After that was wandered across the carpark to The Bower Bird, a treasure trove of a recycled furniture place. We made no purchases but were very tempted and will go back again next time for sure.

After that we wandered off to Newtown where there are a lot of interesting shops and cafe’s. Newtown is one of those places that was established right at the start of settlement so its overflowing with history. Michael took me to an art shop he had found another time and I managed to buy the brushes I was after at a very good price:

A couple of shots from Newtown:

All the poles are like this there (probably all over Sydney) from the many posters over the years.

We had a nice day out together and made a few great little discoveries too!

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