Plein Air Painting

Over the school holidays I had a few opportunities to practice my outdoor painting skills (which need ‘brushing up’). I don’t do this a lot although I have done it here and there over the years. Our first stop was the town of Wangi Wangi on the north coast of NSW. Despite the terrible windy conditions I set up and had a go. This was my first attempt:
I really ran out of time and may go back into this one to finish off.
My second attempt was of one of the many boats that were moored on the lake. When I finished this, a man walked over to us and told me that this was his father’s boat (I was pleased that he recognised which boat I’d chosen) and that it had been in the area for about 40 years. He also told me that the name of the boat was called ‘Windsong’ which seemed pretty appropriate considering how windy it was:
I am reasonably happy with this one and was able to enter it into that week’s ‘52 week illustration challenge‘ with the theme ‘blue’.
After three days in Wangi Wangi we packed up and headed off to the Pastor’s and Families camp up in the Blue Mountains. I had secretly packed a second easel and supplies for my friend Victoria. On the first afternoon we were able to set up and paint together. The only other person I have plein air painted with was my Mum so this was a treat! We ended up sitting there for about 4 hours and had many curious visitors while we were there including most of the kids who were at the camp.
This one too needs finishing off, mainly in the background. I always find painting densely treed areas a big challenge. I would like to perfect the style much more and am not totally happy with this one.
The final opportunity was on day 2 of the camp. Victoria and I painted again, she finished off her painting and I moved to a spot not far away so I could find a better focal point. This time I decided to paint a pathway leading to a cabin with much less tree area!
This one came out pretty good but it was still a big challenge. I think I prefer expanses with more sky and less foliage! It was great to be able to sit outside and paint, especially with a friend. Who knows when I will get that opportunity again but hopefully soon.

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