Oatley 101 Art and Craft Exhibition

Its been a long time since I have entered an exhibition. I manaaged to get organised enough to enter into my art societies November one this year with three works. Two of them are acrylic (Wattle and Sunset) and one is oil (The River).

I haven’t been able to enter anything much this year focusing mostly on painting at home and uploading works to my bluethumb site. I have been a member of the Oatley 101 Art Society for a few years now but I rarely get to be involved in the array of events and activities they run. Most of this is due to not being able to get there (transport issues). Some is due to typical family busyness.

The family and I went down to Oatley yesterday to take a look at all the artworks on display and there are some amazing works. People are so clever! These works are for the most part for sale. If you are in Sydney and free today, you can find out more by going to this link.

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