New Socks

I’ve had these socks in my ‘must finish’ pile for about a year. I finished the first one and then the project got put down and not picked up once I got to the heel of the second. I am still a novice sock knitter, you should see the wad of paper instructions I have with pictures printed off the net! Anyway, these socks are actually not exactly the same. You see I combined two patterns because the one I have with all the visual instructions for each step are just plain and I wanted something a bit more patterned. I used the lengthy and thorough (and excellent) instructions from silver’s sock class combined with this Harris Tweed pattern on Ravelry. Why didn’t I just use the Harris Tweet pattern on its own you ask? Basically because I’m such a novice (this is only my third set of socks) that I needed those visuals to explain everything.

There are big differences between the socks as I seem to have forgotten where I was up to. Its more noticable when they are laying on the ground and not on your feet but thats ok, They don’t feel too different on, one is a tiny bit looser with less shape around the base of the foot. Doesn’t matter anyway, they are for me and they are finished! I would share with you where I got the yarn from but I can’t find the shop at the moment.

Next I’m going to try some mens socks and this time go toe up. Not sure if I’m brave enough to use circular needles just yet though. I did use them for some of the other knitting projects lately but for socks, not sure, I’ve only just gotten used to double pointed needles!

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