Miniature Artwork Motivation

Paint Brushes
A few weeks ago I was shopping with my girls and noticed these unusual canvases. Normally I don’t buy tiny canvases but these ones have magnets on the back so I was intrigued. If you have read my last blog post you may have seen that I was finding it hard to find my motivation in the studio. I picked up a few packets of these canvases and before I knew it I was addicted.

Motivation Comes Out Of Nowhere Sometimes
During our travels across Australia (the first trip being Sydney to Perth and back and the second being Sydney to Cairns and back) I took thousands of photos. Not hundreds. Thousands. I’m a bit prolific like that. If I am to really think about my happy place its usually hurtling along at 100kms an hour in our car as we go on another adventure. Sometimes when I take photos (of everything from mushrooms to roads) I have it in my head that I could turn that one into a painting but often its the surprise snap from the window of the car that makes it on to the canvas. Motivation surprises sometimes. In this case its a combination of these tiny Polaroid size canvases and the fact that they will attach to your fridge nicely along with my many adventure snaps.

As you can see, once I got to work I couldn’t stop. These were done in a short space of time and each takes me an hour or so. They are done in acrylic.

That last one is the sunset painting in progress.

Now What?
I had just one tiny canvas left, that was until one of the ladies who comes along to my art class found some more for me. In the meantime I tracked down the supplier and ordered nearly 100 more. I have plans to keep on filling these tiny canvases with images from our trips. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a tiny paintings exhibition (any galleries out there interested?), say 100 snapshots but done in acrylic. One day maybe. In the meantime I am hoping to sell the next lot that I paint and will list them in my Bluethumb shop. I have already added one of the paintings to my Redbubble shop where prints can be purchased as well as a range of other products (click on ‘available products’ on the grey bar below the image on that page to see more). I’ll be sure to update how these are going but its so great to have artwork planned in my head, something I often struggle with! Onwards!

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