Its Finally here!

For the last three years I’ve been biding my time in order to set up an art space in our little house. I had to wait until my youngest was in a full size bed before I could make the space to set this area up. The amazing thing was that I was able to get hold of a free drafting table (via freecycle) and I love it. It may be old and clunky but it was free and its mine! It turns out the the Pieffe brand is one of the best and this one is regarded as vintage. I wrote to the manufacturer in Europe and they were very helpful asking for photos and giving me the information they have.

I am pretty happy with this setup. I’m using my Grandmother’s stool and my Grandfathers projector stand (to put my brushes etc on) and when the curtain is drawn there is a ton on natural light. At night I have the IKEA lamp over the top. Now all I have to do is actually get to work!

6 thoughts on “Its Finally here!

  1. Great Amanda, Fabulous that you have your own little creative space now 🙂 Lovely that you can use your grandparents stuff too.

  2. Ta Helen, I bought the curtains off ebay and spent a long time finding exactly what I want. They came from the UK!

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