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I am very privileged to be currently featured over on Kelly’s blog, Be A Fun Mum. For about a year now I’ve been putting drawings and messages on my girls’ lunch wrapping (I use a type of greaseproof baking paper to wrap their lunches, this was similar to what my lunch was wrapped in when I was a kid. Its not waterproof and therefore doesn’t repel the markers. Similar to this one). I use Sharpies to draw the images and I am careful to not allow the marker to seep through the paper and mark the sandwich.

Kelly has featured every sandwich art design that I’ve done this year in number order! I write the number in the corner of the wrap for myself to keep track. I don’t know why I take a photo but I think its just because of my methodical, routine nature. I tend to be a bit pernickety about remembering to do some things every day. So far there are 24 sandwich images even though they have been at school for longer. This is because they each have a lunch order every Friday, so that’s 4 images a week.
Why do I draw on their sandwiches? Hmmmmm let me see:
1. Its fun, makes a routine task interesting.
2. Its a challenge – for me to think of something new each day.
3. Its fun for them, nice to get a message or picture each day.

So, pop on over to Kelly’s blog and take a look at the post. I won’t add any images here, you’ll need to go over there to take a peek. 🙂

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