Back In the Swing of Things

We’re back! We drove over 7000kms over four weeks and now we’ve hit the ground running as school went back two days after we drove in the driveway. I’ve spent this week washing, sorting and cleaning out. I’ve managed to get the photos off my phone and camera and sort them out a bit but I’m not ready to blog about the trip yet. This trip was quite different to our drive to Perth and back last year so I have to think about how to break it down. In the meantime I have another task which is very important, sorting out my health. I have come to the realisation that my adrenal fatigue is knocking at the door and I have to sort it out. Health anxiety was a big theme of my trip unfortunately so I have to work out a way of stopping it. Anyway, the photos and posts will come soon, once I get that far!

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