Paintings so far 2017

Road Trip watercolour
My studio work this year has been a bit less than usual. I’m not entirely sure why, it may have something to do with inspiration and motivation but I’m not sure. I have continued on happily with the 52 week illustration challenge and have been selected a couple of times for their blog picks but that has been the most of it.
On The Easel
As far as studio work on the easel goes, I’ve started and almost completed two small landscapes based on our travels over summer and mucked around with one portrait which still needs loads of work.
I do have one commission which I am working on right now, its actually two paintings so I have done prep work for those. Hopefully I can get to work on that more once school goes back, its so hard to focus properly with the kids at home.
Road-trip Painting
I did do a small amount of painting on our road-trip but once again the easel and all planned works stayed packed away for the most part due to the small windows of time I would have had to paint. It was just too much to set it all up. The only painting I did was in Cairns of my daughter and the colour sketch at the top of the post.
I have sold two small word paintings in the last few weeks which is nice, I would love to be able to sell more though (me feeling bad for not being able to financially contribute to the household again).
So, here they are. First up, the 52 week illustration photos (a selection of my faves, not all of them);

These are the studio oil paintings which I’ve been working on this year so far;
oil painting Road trip

Finally, these are some sketches from the commission I am working on right now;

This is the painting I did while in Cairns, the only acrylic so far;

Mojo Where are you?
Motivation for work would be very helpful. I have an endless supply of resources from our travels but nothing to do with the paintings once complete. I already have two online stores (RedBubble for prints and Bluethumb for originals). At the moment spending money on framing work or entering competitions is out of the question. For now I’m stuck with selling online and hopefully someone will see value in my work and buy it. I have submitted my work to stationery companies, book companies and paper companies but no bites so far. Anyway, I will continue to create and hopefully something will come along.

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