A Peek Inside Our Art Space

I have mentioned before that I like the girls to be able to use my art space with me. When we first got here in Sydney I set up the art room for myself and the corner of the lounge room for them but the inevitable has happened, they wanted to be in my art space and paint at the easel just like me! I don’t mind at all and having been given another easel recently I have set up two small easel spaces for them in my art room. They have their own paint storage area, access to paper and canvas and whatever art supplies I put aside for them. I love to encourage them to be creative whenever they get the urge.

This is their paint storage space. I have covered the furniture with a plastic tablecloth as well as one of the little tables I have one of the easels on. In the background is a cork board with some fabric on it and in front of that is what I use to hang their wet artwork, a pants clothes hanger.

The room is quite spacious so I have room for my own easel (next to theirs) as well as my huge drafting board where I do my watercolours. I like that for all of us we can just come in and do a little painting whenever we feel like it (they are usually supervised to a point) and then just leave it there without really packing it up. I insist that they wash their own brushes out (often with help) as well as their palettes and water jars. They have to wipe up any paint or water spills on the floor too.

So far this is working really well and I have turned the corner of the lounge room into more of a ‘making’ area with their gluesticks, pens and pencils, colouring books and blank paper (oh and playdough!). It works for us!

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