A crazy thing I do every day

At the start of this year I was featured on Kelly’s blog Be a Fun Mum where she shared some of my sandwich drawings. At that stage of the year I had done maybe 20 sandwiches (times two for two kids) so the ideas were still fresh. This is today’s sandwich:


which went with yesterday’s sandwiches:

I am at number 112 and some days I have to really stop and think about what to put on there. However, I won’t leave it blank, its now a big part of each day. I love doing it and it makes an every day task much more challenging and interesting. Some days it takes a few more minutes than usual to do but for the most part it only adds a minute to the lunch making.

Here are a few from the last week or so. As you can see, sometimes the image is more detailed and other times I do something quick and easy if time is pressing:






I will keep doing this until my girls ask me to stop, for my eldest daughter this may be soon however I have a secret plan to continue with messages and verses instead of pictures once we get to that point.

For me, this is part of seeing the world differently, finding a way to make a boring task much more interesting. I put the images on my Instagram account every day (actually four days a week) if you wanted to check the rest out. The subjects vary greatly but the Disney/Pixar characters are usually the most fun to do. Creativity injected into boringness. I love it!

2 thoughts on “A crazy thing I do every day

  1. Yep, still going, there would have been more if it hadn’t been for my Miss 10 being so sick last term. I’d love to do part 2 🙂

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