52 Lists. List 3. Countries I’ve Visited

I used to be able to list off the countries I’ve been to very quickly but this time I had to think about it. I suppose that means that this list is a lot less significant to me than it used to be. I love that we have visited these countries, my hubby can add Peru and Mexico to this list plus he’s visited the US twice. Still, for me I feel privileged to have been able to visit the places on this list. Some of these are rich countries and some are poor. They were all interesting. I used to count New Zealand but the truth is that we landed there for one hour on the way to LA so its only added at the bottom. We also traveled within Niger right to the border of Nigeria, it was so close that there were Nigerian sellers on the Niger side of the border.

Our time in Europe was part of a world trip we did not long after we were married. We spent 7 weeks away going to the US then through Europe and finally the UK. When I think about it we have been to the UK three times and France twice. We lived in England for six months before going to live in Niger for a year.

The trip to Papua New Guinea was quite long I suppose, 7 weeks visiting my parents however Singapore was only a day and a night.

My favourite place to visit? That’s a really hard question because each place had so many good (and bad) experiences creating memories that will last forever. I did love England, it coincided well with my love of history. Our trip to the US was basically Illinois and we visited Chicago and a few towns outside of the city (although we did go up into Ohio). Its really too hard to choose my favourite on the list.

Places I want to visit…..perhaps that can be the next list! (its a long one). Of course I didn’t include Australia on the list seeing as we live here but I suppose that would bring the list to 14. Here’s the list:


Here’s a few photos of some of our overseas trips……memories!

Amanda and Michael England sign
Us, Kimball and Rob - England sign
One side was England, one side was Scotland. The second photo taken with our good friend Kimball from Illinois in the USA (whom we visited there) and his cousin.

Amanda in the snow in Austria
First time we saw real snow, this is in Austria on top of Snow Mountain.

Amanda with backpack
Backpacking in France

France - Amanda and E.Tower
At the Eiffel Tower

Italy - Venice pigeons
My hubby in Venice, Italy

USA - Chicago Baseball
At Wrigley Field watching the Cubs v the Diamondbacks in Chicago

Michael and elephant sign
On the roadside in Benin, Africa

Us with a Wodabe man in Niger, Africa

Amanda and Michael hut
We stayed in a hut overnight in a small village called Say (sigh) in Niger

A and M with villagers
Visiting with local villagers not far from my parents house in Papua New Guinea (West New Britain)

I could go on, there are so many memories and so many photos!

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