Netball This Year

So, today I played my first game of netball for the year. I survived (yay) and I can still walk (wooooo) and I did ok (phew). Miss K also played her first ever netball game which is what this post is for really, a record of when that was.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t play netball until at least grade 5, well at least that I can remember. Miss K’s practice match today went very well, although she did almost try to score a tri with the netball as opposed to stopping when it was thrown to her. On the other hand, she caught it and knew she had to get it to the other end of the court! Considering she has only ever had approx. 2 hours training over a few weeks in total, that’s not bad!

Me, well I know that I am a bit fitter than I was this time last year. Because:
1. I could play more than half a game.
2. I could speak during the first quarter break.
3. I can get up off the floor tonight without any help.

Good. Going to the gym four times a week……… one to four times a week has paid off!

Still, there will be no piccies of me on court, not quite that brave! I’m very glad that Miss K gets to play from such a young age and that the club we play with (a church based club) gives the sub juniors a run in with a few practice matches to start with. So grateful!

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