Images from January

I had at least another three blog posts planned about our trip away but instead I have decided to make this one the second last (the final one being about our adventurous departure), sharing some photos showing some of the in-between time there.

Above you can see the wonderful sunrise view I had every morning from my parents balcony. I always had a peek out the window to see what colours God had chosen for his palette that day. Here are a few more shots from sunrise’s there:

Then, there were the four days where it rained, a lot! I think Cairns got over 100mm in 24 hours (poor Tully got over 700mm in 48hrs). The girls had a blast playing in the rain:

We also had one day at the resort where my Mum works and the girls had a swim in the pool.

As you can tell from my previous posts, we saw and did a lot of things but there were also a lot of quieter gaps where we stayed home, played outside, swam in the pool, watched the tennis or the girls played with their cousins. I love going to Cairns and we did come back more relaxed! One post left and then on to this year, especially a bit more about Joy!

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