Sugarworld in Cairns was another place that we visited while there this time. None of us had been there before, mainly because it had been closed for renovations for a couple of years. No, its not a lolly factory or anything to do with eating sweet things, its a water park. According to their website:

Colonial Sugar Refineries (CSR) originally constructed Sugarworld Waterpark at Hambledon Estate and officially opened it to the public on 09 September 1989.

I’m not too sure what spurred a sugar refinery to open a water park but considering its location (sugar cane surrounds much of Cairns), the name suits.

It was a really well designed water park and not too costly to get in (prices here). You certainly got your money’s worth anyway! There are three sections to the park. Firstly the big slides (seen above, one is a tube ride and one is just you sliding down!) and mat slide for the older kids and adults, then there is the giant bucket, smaller fast slides and huge water spouting area for those old enough to go in by themselves but not tall enough to go on the bigger slides. Finally there is a toddler pool with a smallish slide and spouts (two pools I think), all only about half a metre deep. There is an actual pool not much bigger than a backyard pool which is gated off. All areas have lifeguards watching all the time.

Part of the giant bucket and water spout area.

Miss K was tall enough to go on the giant slides and as it turns out, brave enough too. She and her cousin went on the bigger slides quite a few times, sometimes on the tandem tubes. They had the most fun I think they’d ever had! She was also brave enough to go on the mat slide, which is very very long and fast!! She went on bravely a few times and came off smiling. Brave kid!

Miss K at the bottom of the body slide.

Here’s the mat slides:

Person on the right is my hubby!

Miss K!

and again because…..

….this is my Dad! I’m fairly sure that he hadn’t had this much fun in a long time as he went back for more for hours!

Little L was SO fearless! She was actually upset because she was too short for the big slides. She went back again and again for the ‘smaller’ fast slides and had SO MUCH FUN!

Of course Michael and my brother both had a blast too!

This is my Dad again on the tube ride.

Meanwhile, Mum and I relaxed and partially wished we had brought our bathers with us! I did get to take lots of photos so that was fun. It was a good thing we went that day because the next four days it rained and rained hard! After that it was very hot so this turned out to be the perfect choice.

If you are ever in Cairns I would recommend this as a day out for your family. Its safe, fun and well priced, oh and the kiosk is very reasonable too. I think we will go again next time we are all there.

2 Responses to Sugarworld

  1. Awesome photos! You know, we live here and haven’t even been yet. We must get there soon!

  2. It looks a bit like Adventure World. Personally I find water slides scary! Eeek!

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