I have mentioned ‘Muddy’s Water Playground’ in Cairns quite a few times on this blog before and this return trip is no different, the kids managed to get to Muddy’s just once in our three weeks but it was fun! Its a free water playground in Cairns which has more play areas than I’ve counted (wet and dry), lots of shade and a cafe. They have an enclosed area for the littlest ones and wheelchair swings to boot!

The girls and their cousins had a blast climbing up on top of the big bright fish and sliding down the side (or jumping off the top!). For the first time since we’ve been visiting Cairns, all four of them are old enough to play in this area and none of them needed to go into the toddler’s area. I got some really great shots of the four of them together (which I’m keeping for myself and family). If you ever visit Cairns with kids, make sure you go there, its free and better than most paid water playgrounds I’ve taken the kids to.

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