Those Botanical Gardens

As always I just HAVE to post about the botanical gardens in Cairns. After all, they are my most favourite place in the world to visit for photos, exploring and just plain old sitting in. We were able to visit the gardens three times in the three weeks we were there.

I must have been to the gardens 20 or more times by now over the years but each and every time we go I find something new. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I consider that amazing! Every time I am blown away by what God created and just how amazing he is to come up with such weird and wonderful plants, fungi and insects. Here’s a few more of my fav’s from this time:

The kids love exploring there too, they stop and look at bugs and flowers or just race around along the many hidden pathways. Here they are with their cousins having a milk shake after exploring:

I love the height of the trees (apparently they did lose some during Cyclone Yasi):

I seriously could go on, there are a LOT of photos but I will finish with this one. Just look at the size of that!

oh ok, and this Bat flower (a type of lily):

Finally, here I am, being all botanical-explorer like in the jungle:

I really will stop with that one. I am always in my element when out exploring anywhere and Cairns and surrounds is always brimming with places to see. It just takes going slowly, taking your time and really, REALLY looking. More to come from other explored places!

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