Packing Up The Previous Year

I have a few things to write about that fill in the time between Dec 8 (when my Mum and Aunty arrived) to January 28 (when we flew back from Cairns) including having 11 house guests and a few other things in that time. Those posts will take a fair bit of time to write so I want to share what I’ve been doing since last Tuesday.

To start off the year all fresh I have been doing a bit of a spring clean. I have gone around the house and taken down:

- Anything remaining from Christmas
- Filed away the kids artwork that was displayed around the house (they each have a folder for art, certificates, birthday cards etc… for each year)
- Cleared off the fridge, taken down old notes, reminders, magnets!
- Put away the photos I had on my art drawing board for inspiration, time for new ones.

At this time a year ago I was just starting to pack boxes for our big move to Sydney and now, I am going through our ‘stuff’ and culling it all. Obviously the girls have outgrown clothes but I’m also going to do toys, books, DVDs and I’ve done the dreaded plastics cupboard.

Next will be putting some things on gumtree and then I will feel like my year has started properly. Next week we start into the usual yearly routine with a return to school for Little L and a return to most weekly things like gym and church programs.

2013 has started off slowly for me (as the year has done for the last few years) as we spent January up in Cairns and got back two days before school started!

So, here we go, 2013 here we come!

PS. I do have some more interesting things to blog about other than house organisation soon (travels, photos, JOY! etc…) and hopefully once I’ve gotten to the end of my sort list I will get to write some posts!

PPS. I reading this over, I realise that my wording and doubling up on some words is a bit all over the place. Whoops!

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