Blue Mountains

A week ago today we drove up to the Blue Mountains with my Dad and my hubby’s parents. All of us had been there before, some of us a lotof times but we thought we would take our family to Leura as none of them had been there before.

We tried Echo Point first where the Three Sisters are but there was no parking anywhere so we drove on to the Leura Cascades as none of us has been there before. Turns out there were plenty of picnic spots available so we set up for lunch.

After that we went for a walk along the cascades trail and I had the opportunity to test run my new camera and especially its macro setting!

Miss K found some leaves she liked that were all velvety on the back. I love that my girls explore when we are outdoors and pick up ‘treasures’ like this. They told me that they love going for walks on trails like this.

My Dad and Miss K walked ahead of us a little and sat here waiting:

This area was a bit of a rainforest and was beautiful walking along. It reminded me a little of what we usually see in cairns but without the array of flowers.

We did see some of the small waterfalls along the way too which was nice. The shot at the top of this post was taken about half way along the trail at which point we decided to turn around as it did not go in a loop as we thought it did. The girls did very well and loved the long walk. Its amazing how much kids can do if you let them! After that we drove to Leura where we visited the famous lolly shop followed by afternoon tea. It was a nice day out and it was topped off by a drop in at the Krispy Kreme Cafe on the way home. A pretty good day out!

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