Happy New Year!

I am a few days late but I wanted to say Happy New Year to you who read this (not too many I’m sure!). Thank you for your comments and tips and for taking the time to read my thoughts. I did enjoy writing the JOY posts from last month, a few times I did struggle with knowing what to write but it didn’t take long to find something.

My new year has started off in a way I didn’t expect, being laid up with some sort of cellulitis/skin infection. It was so painful, actually still is but finally its responding to antibiotics. I got a bit of a scare because the Dr told me if it wasn’t looking a bit better by today I would be going to hospital! Wasn’t planning on that to start the year off. A lot of people have mentioned that they have been praying for me, thank you. I believe that God hears us and acts according to what he knows is best. I am very relieved that the medication is working!

I’m not too sure what 2013 will bring. We have a family holiday and the start of the year and then school will return. I am looking forward to getting to know people over here a bit more and exploring NSW too. One of the areas I want to work on is my own tendency to focus on being pedantic about my house and routine, I need to learn to stress less and go with the flow. Happy New Year everyone!

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    May 2013 be a great year for you and your family.

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