Day 30 – Joy Challenge

Just two days left of my JOY challenge posts which means there are only two days left of 2012! Its hard to believe really that we are about to start a whole new year. This time last year we were awaiting news as to whether we would be moving to Sydney!

As I mentioned in the last post I am summarising the year using the letters J O Y! Today’s letter is O so here we go (a lot of O words came to mind!):


Opportunity on the Opposite side of the country
Overwhelmed by the amount to do
Organising the move
Occupying a new home
Odyssey across the country
Open to new things
Others visiting
Ourselves visiting Other places
Olfactory experiences (including hayfever)
Omnipresence of God
Observing our new surrounds
Osmosis as we slowly adjust
Optimistic outlook
Orchestra at the Opera House

I must say, this is a fun way to summarise the year!

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