Day 28 – Joy Challenge

Due to feeling unwell today I almost forgot to write my JOY post! I was just reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald and it reminded me of what I should write about today…….my first ever visit to see the Archibald Exhibition! Back at the end of April we discovered that if you are an ANZ customer you could get into the Archibald for free (I think). This excited me because for one thing I had always thought it was in Melbourne, secondly I had no idea the public could go and see it! Portraiture is my first love so JOY was very evident when I was able to go into the Art Gallery in Sydney and see these amazing paintings in person!

There have been a lot of realisations like this one that living here on the East Coast means there will be more opportunities for things like this. I am looking forward to going to next year’s Archibald Prize and can’t wait to be inspired all over again!

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