Day 7 – Joy Challenge

As I think over the year one very JOYful event comes to mind, my trip to Cairns in June. We had just driven to Melbourne and back for my cousin’s wedding which happened to be the same day as my Mum’s 60th birthday. She was unable to come for the wedding so she was not expecting it when I turned up on her doorstep the following weekend! Here she is as she opens the door to find me standing there (with a big bow on my head):

Its a blurry shot but you can see the surprise on her face!

What she didn’t know was that there was a surprise party planned for the Saturday so while she was at her course the next morning I got to work at making and decorating her cake. I had to wait until she left, make the cake (which was a 1 hour to cook recipe), wait for it to cool (hello desk fans!) and then decorate it. I had decided to make a fancier cake so it took a bit longer. The aim was to make and decorate the cake and then make it look as if I’d been hanging out with Dad all day watching TV. I had to hide any cake making evidence and make sure the house did not smell like chocolate cake! Mum is pretty good at finding out surprises so this was quite the task. I remember giggling to myself as I made the cake, thinking how we had gotten one up on Mum! Twas JOYful! Here’s the cake:

The good thing about celebrating Mums birthday a week later was that my brother’s 35th birthday was a week after Mums so I was able to spend his birthday with him too! Double-whammy of JOY! Here he is with the cake his wife made him:

The whole ‘turning up at the door and surprising Mum and then surprising her again a day later’ thing brings a smile to my face. What’s wonderful is that she will be here in two days time, to celebrate my birthday with me!! JOY!

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