Day 3 – Joy Challenge

Its nearly my birthday and there is an event that comes to mind each year around this time. The inaugural opshopathon that happened in 2010. It was organised mostly by my very good friend Sarah and earlier this year we had opshopathon number two.

I love opshopping, its fun to see what little treasures I can find (you probably know that if you read regularly) and over here in Sydney there have been a LOT of treasures. However, there is nothing quite like going from one op shop to the next over a whole day with friends. The second opshopathon happened back in March only a few weeks before we left Perth and its one of my favourite memories of this year.

There won’t be an opshopathon this year, seeing as my op shopping buddies all live in Perth (or in Sarah’s case, regional WA) but hopefully one day we can have another one.

Thank you ladies for op shopping with me, it did bring JOY and laughter and memories. I miss you guys!

2 Responses to Day 3 – Joy Challenge

  1. I have a birthday in just under 4 weeks…I am so requesting one of these….thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Awww miss you, too! Keep an eye on the your mailbox later this week. There should be something there for you. Even though we can’t have the same opshopathon for your birthday, hopefully this will be the next best thing. :)

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