31 Days of Joy Challenge!

Tomorrow I am starting my 31 Days of Joy Challenge! Its my own little challenge for me to end the year well focusing on the things around me that can only be described by ‘joy’! Joy is such a great word, its happy and glad and positive and thats where I intend to end 2012.

My plan is that each day I write a post about something very specific that makes me think of joy. I don’t mean just ‘I am thankful for my daughters’, more something very specific that will require a story. Hopefully I can come up with 31 of these and complete my little challenge. With this part of the year being very busy I may need to do a catch up every now and then but hopefully not!

Feel free to join me in ending your year focusing on something joyful. Let me know if you are going to challenge yourself in this way too so I can follow your posts. Feel free to use the banner too!

2 Responses to 31 Days of Joy Challenge!

  1. Joy, what a wonderful thing to surround ourselves with. Looking forward to the posts. xxx

  2. That’s a lovely challenge to set yourself….when I first began blogging I did 25 days of thanks…great way to keep focused on the simple in the midst of busyness. I will be looking forward to your blogging.xxx

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