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Recently I have been adding a lot of work to my RedBubble store. I have been finding older work (that I still like) and adding as is or adjusting it slightly (digitally for the most part) before adding it. I’m having a great time doing so and its exciting to see my work in a little store. However, it would be wonderful if I could sell a lot more of the work. I have been promoting it using the provided links (mostly facebook through my KeLu facebook page, twitter and a bit of stumbleupon) but really its starting to feel a bit like I’m spamming people!

If you click through the slideshow above you can see the images I have added. So far there are 115 total images with 12303 views and under 50 sales, all either postcard or greeting cards. I have had my redbubble store open for around 18 months now (I think!) but most of the work has been added over the last 6 months.

I have enjoyed painting new work too, most recently for Christmas. Here is a selection of what I’ve added to the Christmas section recently:

I have recently added two 2013 Calendars to the shop too. One is a Pen and Ink Calendar and one is a Watercolour Calendar. Click on those links if you would like to see the collection of images.

Lastly, I have added some new t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes and stickers. You can find out what images are in that section by going here.

Thank you for those who have purchased from me. I would love a bit of help with promotion if you feel that you could do that for me!

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