8 year Blogiversary

On September 18 I passed the 8 year mark for blogging! As you can see I totally missed it. I’ve only ever ‘celebrated’ it one other time in those 8 years and that was in 2009 with this post for my 5th blogiversary (which was also written late!). So happy 8 years blogging to me!

I have considered taking my blog in a specific direction whether it be all serious, all art or all op shopping but in the end it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t think that blogging any differently to how I have been for the last 8 years is going to stick. I’ve tried to start three other blogs in that that time to talk specifically about a topic (one for my old shop Polyclarific, one for creativity and a private one about my spiritual journey). None of them really stuck. I don’t think it has to do with an ability to write or take photos so much as the time to dedicate to a niche blog.

So, I will stick with the same old formula of blogging for fun and blogging about whatever takes my fancy. I purposely do not have ads on the sidebar (apart from a link to my shops) as I don’t really see my blog as a way to make money.

As I did on my 5 year blogiversary I will list the stats for the last 8 years. So, here they are!

1,726 Posts
40 Categories
832 Tags

I’m sure thats not really that impressive over 8 years but its a good thing that I’m not out to impress anyone.

Thank you if you do read my blog, its just there for me to keep a record and share a few things. If you do read regularly I’m doing a little roll call below because I’m curious as to who is reading. If you don’t mind popping by in the comments below I’d love to hear from you.

4 Responses to 8 year Blogiversary

  1. Well done for putting together such an impressive number of posts over the years. I look forward to what the coming years will bring.

  2. Happy anniversary. I love coming to visit and love the variety. Don’t change a thing. Mx

  3. present

  4. I’m here of course. ;)

    Happy 8th Blogiversary! That’s an impressive feat. Well done.

    Blogs on a variety of topics are always the best, I reckon, although I loved your spiritual journey one, too.

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