Made On The Left

Today I found out that I have been accepted to sell my wares at the upcoming Made On The Left Market. The market is run by some of my Etsy WA friends and its so exciting to see this market take off so well. The first one back in July was a real hit!

The details of the market are:

Made On The Left Market

The Made On The Left market will feature a wide array of Western Australian handmade art, jewellery, clothing and more. This is the perfect place to pick up pre-Christmas gifts, fantastic fashions and treasures from local makers.

Made on the Left Designer Market

10am – 4pm

Saturday November 15 2008

Hyde Park Hotel

331 Bulwer St North Perth

I have been making things like crazy for three months now (basically since Lucinda was born) and today I did a stocktake to see where I’m up to. Not including those things that I put on the stall from my online shops (150 items in all) I have:

Barrettes (hair clips) – 5
Necklaces – 24
Single Pendants – 40
Sets – 6
Earrings – 60
Bracelets – 5
Tins – 1
Keychains – 5
Phone Charms – 6
Rings – 15
Cards of Buttons – 7
Brooches – 6
Bookmarks – 12
Magnets – 16
Tea Light Candle Sets (of 2) – 6
Small Bowls – 2

A total of 216 items. This does not include the jar of beads I’ll be bringing to sell off at 50c a piece and the other loose beads I’m selling off at $1 each etc…

As you can see I have a lot of earrings and pendants. When I add the things from my online shops to the range the number of Necklaces more than doubles. I worked out my pricing today and I won’t be making anything else for the market as I go off to Adelaide in a week and have a couple of custom orders to fill before that.

I hope I have enough items to fill the table as they are small so can tend to shrink into the space.

I also decided to continue with giving my profits to SIM but I also may go 50/50 and put aside half for my girls just on this occasion. Here’s a few other of my items that I photographed this week:





7 Responses to Made On The Left

  1. best wishes for your sale :)

  2. Good luck with your sales, you have beautiful items.You have a wonderful blog and etsy shop.Thanks for sharing ti with me:0)

  3. I love the Pink Barrettes! The colors and the flower pattern are lovely! Good luck on your sale!

  4. I wish I could go to those markets!

    Will you be putting any leftover stuff (if there is any) online to sell?

  5. Hi, yes for sure but if you have your eye on anything I can set it aside for you.

  6. Hey Amanda, Great to see you are going to Made on the Left. My daughter and I did the last one – It was an awesome day…… hope you do really well, sure you will :)
    We can’t go as we will be on holiday overseas when it’s on, so maybe the next one.

    Take care,

  7. Great news Amanda. It’ll be great to see you at the market this time on the “other” side of the counter :)

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